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About Our Medical Doctor

Widalys Santiago Miranda, MD

Dr. Widalys Santiago Miranda is a Primary Care Provider since 2008. She has worked in Puerto Rico and Florida in the private medical practice and as a volunteer doctor. For several years she served Veterans while working at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

As a doctor, Veteran's wife, and former VA employee, she has seen and experienced the need of our Veterans. As a trained physician, she can correlate symptoms, treatment, and events in service, as a cause of your current medical diagnosis. Having a Veteran husband and family members that have served in the military has allowed her to know what it is to be in the process of fighting for VA disability benefits for years. Also, while working at the VA, she was able to see the VA's need for medical advisors during the claim process.


The professional experience that she has gained along the path and her connection with Veterans has provided her with the necessary tools to help you in this process.

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