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Consultation, Records Review, and
Nexus Letters for Veterans

What is a Nexus Letter?


A nexus letter, for VA purposes, is a document written by a healthcare provider, which establishes the link between a medical condition and military service. In other words, a nexus letter connects an event in service (disease, injury, or stressor) with the current diagnosis of the disease or impairment that you are claiming. It is a piece of evidence that can be submitted to support a new, supplemental, or appeal claim.

With Literal Med your Nexus Letter will contain the necessary elements to make it work for your case:

  • Licensed Medical Doctor

  • Complete review of your claim's records (C-file)

  • Statement with the legal wording about the likelihood of the service connection

  • Rationale of the Medical Opinion

Steps to follow to get your Nexus Letter


Case Consultation

The first step to knowing you and your case is to review your situation through a brief description of what, when, and how your claimed disability started. That will give me, the physician, an idea of what your circumstances are to sort out the best avenue to work your case.


Records Review


This is a review of all your records to evaluate if there is a connection between your claimed disability and your military service. This is the base for a Nexus Letter. Therefore, it is crucial that you submit all the records that you have that are pertinent to your case. For example:

  • Service Treatment Records (STR)

  • VA Medical Records

  • Private Medical Records

  • VA Decisions

  • DD-214

  • Social Security Records if you are disabled for the condition that you are claiming


Nexus Letter

The Nexus letter will be written after a Records Review is completed.

How much does it cost?

Case Consultation

The Case Consultation is free of charge.

Records Review and Nexus Letter

Ready to start?
Complete the Consultation Form

The charge is $500 for the combo of a Records Review and Nexus Letter. You can pay through Zelle.

If after starting to work in your case, the available evidence is not enough to provide you with a Nexus Letter, your payment will be refunded deducting the time that was spent working on it, at a rate of $150/hr.

​***By submitting a payment you confirm that you agree with the following:

​1. You won't be diagnosed or given any medical advice. I will do my best for you, however, it is the VA the one responsible to make a determination in your case.

2. You need to submit all the evidence that you have available about your case. Sometimes, documents are unorganized and difficult to read, either because they are handwritten, or are poor-quality copies. However, the maximum effort to help you will be done, to the extent that the available evidence allows it.

3. After your Case Consultation is reviewed, a link to make the payment will be emailed to you.

4. I will start working on your case after your full payment and case documents are received. An email will be sent confirming the receipt of both.

5. The time to complete the Nexus Letter will be discussed with the veteran. Therefore, make sure to provide your case deadlines in the Consultation Form.

6. You are responsible to review your Nexus Letter and notify me of any inadvertent mistakes within 5 days after it is delivered to you; before your information is permanently discarded.


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